Engineering Interactive Systems with SCXML

Workshop in conjunction with EICS 2014,
Rome, Italy June 17, 2014


The W3C is about to finalize the Statechart Extensible Markup (SCXML) standard to express Harel state-machines as XML documents. In unison with the W3C MMI architecture specification and related work from the W3C MMI working group, this recommendation is a promising candidate to become the "HTML of multi-modal applications".

Workshop Topics

The workshop will provide a forum to discuss submissions detailing the use of SCXML in particular. More generally, multi-modal dialog systems adhering to the concepts outlined by other W3C standards will be covered, as well as related approaches to declarative dialog modeling.

We are interested in:


June 17, 2014

Time Activity Persons
9:00am Welcome Note Dirk Schnelle-Walka
9:10am Invited Talk "SCXML: Its Current State and Immediate Future" Jim Barnett
9:40am Paper Session I - "Applications & Experiences"
15min presentation + 10min discussion each
Developing User Interfaces using SCXML Statecharts [PDF] Gavin Kistner and Chris Nuernberger
Multimodal Multi-Device Application Supported by an SCXML State Chart Machine [PDF] Nuno Almeida, Samuel Silva and António Teixeira
10:30am Coffee Break
11:00am Paper Session II - "Theory & Extensions"
15min presentation + 10min discussion each
Transforming a State Chart at Runtime [PDF] David Junger
A Debugger for SCXML Documents [PDF] Stefan Radomski, Dirk Schnelle-Walka and Leif Singer
From SWC to SCXML: using a statecharts-based markup language to model navigation of Web applications [PDF] Marco Winckler, Charly Carrére and Eric Barboni
From Harel To Kripke: A Provable Datamodel for SCXML [PDF] Stefan Radomski, Tim Neubacher and Dirk Schnelle-Walka
13:00pm Lunch Break
14:30pm Invited Talk "Below and Beyond SCXML" Torbjörn Lager
15:00pm Open Panel "SCXML - Future Directions / Pending Issues" Jim Barnett moderates
Selection of Topics for Group Discussions
16:00pm Coffee Break
16:30pm Group Discussions
17:30pm Workshop Summary Dirk Schnelle-Walka
18:00pm Workshop Ends


We invite submissions in three different formats:

All submissions will be peer-reviewed. Besides based on general contributions, submissions will also be selected on their potential to initiate discussion. Accepted submissions will be made available as online proceeding on our web site. Moreover, they will be made available on our publication server to ensure that they can be cited. Copyright is retained by the authors thus papers can be submitted for other venues that allow this.

We are also planning for a special issue on SCXML in the Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces. Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended versions for the special issue.


All submissions have to be

  1. prepared according to the HCI Archive Format and
  2. submitted in PDF format through the workshop management system at EasyChair.

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See you at EICS 2014!